Open or Close a PSA Ticket

You can configure the integration to automatically create tickets in you PSA system when Checks fail or an outage is reported, or to automatically close tickets when the 24x7 or Daily Safety Check passes, the server reports as online, or a check is cleared.

However, if you have not configured Auto Create or Auto Close, or you need to manually open and close, you can open and close PSA tickets from the N-sight RMM Dashboard Outages tab.

You can also open a Service Ticket in your PSA system and make changes when you view an outage on the N-sight RMM Dashboard

To open or close a PSA ticket:

  1. N-sight RMM Dashboard South-pane, go to the Outages tab
  2. Right-click the target outage and select Open or Close

    The actions available in the context menu depend on the PSA ticket status.

  3. If prompted, enter your PSA credentials to confirm

    The action is communicated to your PSA system and the ticket status updates.

  4. Select the refresh button above the Outages tab to display the updated PSA ticket information.

If a problem occurs when you open or close a PSA ticket, a message displays details about the problem. For information about error notifications, see PSA Integration problem reporting.