Autotask Dashboard

In addition to using the N-sight RMM Dashboard, you can view all tickets and add notes to them using Autotask, which is accessible directly from their website or by navigating via a Dashboard link. At the login prompt, you must enter your Autotask credentials.

Using the Autotask Dashboard you can also Manage tickets through Workflow Rules.

If you add notes to a ticket using Autotask, the changes are communicated to the N-sight RMM Dashboard with the outage ticket updated accordingly.

  • Any information added in Autotask and updated in the N-sight RMM Dashboard will reflect the Autotask timezone not the N-sight RMM Dashboard timezone.
  • Any information added using the N-sight RMM Dashboard is reported in Autotask under their timezone.

For more information about Autotask and its configuration, see the Autotask Help System.

Autotask uses pop-up windows. To avoid potential problems viewing tickets, we recommend you Allow pop-ups for Autotask.