Problems and Client views

The following options are available in both the Problems and Client views.

Search and filters

Look for a specific item or limit the results using Search or Filter android_filter

Depending on the device type the following filters are available:

Servers Workstations
All Servers (Client view only) All Workstations (Client view only)
Problem Servers Problem Workstations
24x7 Problems 24x7 Problems
Daily Safety Check Problems Daily Safety Check Problems
Overdue Servers Offline Workstations
Offline Servers

Device details

In addition to its identification information (name, Site and Client) each Device displays its online and Check statuses.

Device Icon Status Chart Check Status
Red Overdue Red Failed
Grey Offline Amber Cleared
Green Online Green Passed

Press a device for additional information including OS (Operating System), Agent Version, Last Response, Last Reboot.

Additional subsections are also available for Checks (number and status), Tasks, Outages, Notes and Assets. Simply press a sub-section to display its details.

If Take Control is enabled on a device, press the Take Control button to initiate a connection (this requires the corresponding Take Control Viewer app).


In addition to its identification information (type and name) each Check displays a status indicator.

Status Indicator Status
Red cross Failed
Yellow tick Soft failure (Check specific, indicates that although the Check is in the failed state, its alerting threshold was not exceeded.)
Amber tick Cleared
Green tick Passed

Press a Check for additional information including its Description, Extra details (where available), Status, Date the Check last ran, Consecutive Fails and alerting behavior - whether Email Alert and SMS Alert are configured.

Clear check

Press the Clear Check button mapps_andoird_clear_checkto clear a failing Check. This action marks the Check as an acknowledged pass (amber tick) on both the N-sight RMM App and Dashboard.

Where Prompt for notes when clearing failed checks is enabled for your account (in the Dashboard go to Settings, General Settings, Notes), the user must enter notes when clearing a Check. Entered Notes are available in the N-sight RMM App, Dashboard and Reports.

Add note

In Check info, press the Add Note button mapps_android_add_note to create a Public or Private note against the selected Check. Entered Notes are available in the N-sight RMM App, Dashboard and Reports.


Lists all the Tasks currently configured on the device.

Press a Task to display its Task info. Description, Extra information, Status, Date the Task last ran and the Type: Scheduled Task

Status Indicator Status
Red Failed
Grey Other - Added or Edited Task is in the awaiting synchronization or first run state
Green Passed


Displays the Check failure history for the device.

Press an Outage to display the Outage info. Description, Start and End date and time, Duration (where known), Check (press the Check to open the Check Info dialog) and initial Cause of failure.

Status Indicator Status
Red cross Check is currently in the failed state
Amber Cross Outage was marked as acknowledged on the Dashboard
Green tick Check is currently passing


Lists the Notes recorded against the Device at both the Device (managed from the Dashboard) and Check level (managed from the Dashboard or N-sight RMM App).

Press a Note to display its Notes info. Public and/or Private Notes (where populated).


The Assets section contains information on the hardware and software installed on the device.

Press the Assets button to display the Device Name, its Role, when it was Last Scanned, its IP and MAC addresses along with sub-sections for Hardware, Software, Licensed Software, Hotfixes and Updates.

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