Initiate a Take Control Session

Where a device (Windows Server or Workstation | Mac Workstations) has Take Control enabled, a connection can be initiated from the Take Control button.


User requires Take Control permissions

Take Control viewer app that corresponds to the remote device's Take Control engine

Initiate a Take Control Session

  1. Select a device in the main window
  2. Press the Take Control button in Device Details android_take_control
  3. Enter the passcode or scan a fingerprint to validate (where additional device security is configured - supported from N-sight RMM app 1.1.0)
    1. If requested authorize the use of the Take Control Viewer app
    2. Where the relevant viewer app is not on the Android device, you are prompted to visit the Google Play Store to install.

    3. Perform required actions through the Take Control Viewer app

Take Control Viewers

Both Take Control Viewer apps are rotation aware and depending on how the device is held, may be operated in either portrait or landscape mode.

The N-sight RMM Take Control Viewer app defaults to the Chat window, this allows you to immediately communicate with the end user. Press Remote Desktop to view the remote device.

N-able Viewer - Mouse Interactions and Take Control Session to a Windows computer from an Android app

msp_anywhere_android_options msp_anywhere_android

TeamViewer: Remote Control - Mouse Interactions and Take Control Session to a MacBook from an Android Device

mapps_android_take_control_mouse mapps_android_screen