Edit connection settings

The Agent communication and connection settings are configured during agent installation, but you can edit the agent settings after installation. For example, you can change the retry policy or update the Proxy server settings.

  1. Log on to the device and open the Agent (search for Advanced Monitoring Agent or go to Start/All Programs/Advanced Monitoring Agent)
  2. If prompted, confirm that you want to make changes
  3. Enter the N-sight RMM Dashboard staff account username and password. If the device does not have internet access,  use the password of the user who installed the Agent.
  4. Select OK to login
  5. Select Edit Agent Options and open the Connection Settings tab

  6. Edit the connections settings as needed and select Apply

Connection settings

Setting Description
Connection Retry Settings Sets the number of Data Not Received messages. If you increase the interval and number of retries, it may alleviate Data Not Received problems. The default settings are 3 retries every 10 seconds.
Proxy Server Communication with our database servers is required to upload check and other data, and to ensure that commands from the N-sight RMM Dashboard reach the Agent. Where a proxy server is in use on the network, you can enter it's details in the Agent to ensure it reaches our servers through the proxy and allows the continuation of the service.

Select the checkbox for Use a proxy server to add the following information:

Address Enter the IP address, not the NetBIOS name.
Port Enter the port the connection is going through.
Username The username the proxy requires for authentication.

Ensure the selected user has sufficient privileges to use the proxy.

The Username should be in the format DOMAIN\username

Password The password the proxy requires for authentication.

For more information, see Supported Proxy Authentication Protocols.

As the proxy server may occasionally be unavailable (particularly if the Agent is installed on a laptop that is removed from the network), the Agent attempts to connect directly to our servers if communication fails using the entered proxy information.

The proxy settings you enter here are applied to any Agent deployments using Monitoring templates in this Agent.

Test Connection Enables you to verify there are no problems with the data transfer to our database servers.