Add a Script Check - Single Device

Script Checks may be added on a single device or multiple devices.

To add a Script Check on a single device:

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, select the device in the North-pane
  2. Go to the Checks tab in the South-pane
  3. Select Add Check and the check frequency — Add 24x7 Check or Add DSC Check

  4. Select Script Check
  5. Select the target script and click Next

    Scripts are grouped by default script categories (if applicable) and User Defined Scripts depending on the Operating system. You can search for a target script, and select a script to view its description.

  6. Configure any Script Parameters settings, including the Command Line for custom scripts (if required)

    To prevent the removal of the leading 0 in arguments, any part of the command that begins with 0 is wrapped in \ so the full argument is preserved when executed or processed.

  7. Enter the Script timeout period in seconds
  8. To Run an Automated Task when a Check fails, select Assign a Task after creating the Check
  9. Click Finish to save and apply
  10. If you selected Assign a Task after creating the Check:
    1. Select the Automated Task script and select Next to configure. The following example is for Windows Automated Tasks. Other task options display for Linux and macOS devices.

    2. Enter any required Command Line parameters or Script parameters and select Next
    3. Set maximum permitted execution time for the script (optional)
    4. Select Finish to save and apply