Exporting Passportal Data to CSV

You can export:

  • Clients
  • Users
  • Passwords
  • Your My Vault (your personal credentials)

Attempting to export 500+ passwords at once may cause the your browser to timeout. In order to export this volume, we recommend the use of the Passportal Backup Utility for Windows. The utility can be downloaded from Settings > Downloads.

Where an export of articles, procedures, assets, and other documentation is required, a Runbook needs to be generated. Please see Using Runbooks to create this export.

To export Clients, Users, Passwords, or your My Vault:

Where you need specific Client, User or Password data, remove the unrequired data from the exported CSV or use the Backup Utility.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Import / Export.
  2. Pro User account requires either the Admin: Export Data or Import Data permissions to access this area.

  3. The Export section is to the lower half of the Import / Export screen. Use the radio buttons to select Clients, Users, Passwords, or your My Vault.
  4. Select Yes to include Disabled Items if required.
  5. Select Yes to include Field Headers if required.
  6. When Passwords or My Vault have been selected, the Filter by credential type dropdown menu is available to select a specific credential type. Select the required credential type if required, or select All for all credential types.
  7. Click Export. The CSV file will now download.