View Outgoing Delivery Queue

The Outgoing Delivery Queue stores emails that are not being accepted by the destination server with a temporary rejection status, seeSMTP Message Responses.

Access the Outgoing Delivery Queue

You can view the Outgoing Delivery Queue at the Admin Level, Domain Level and Email Level.

  • At the Admin Level, the queue for all recipients for all domains is visible and can filterable
  • At the Domain Level, the queue for all recipients in the domain you are logged into is visible
  • At the Email Level, the queue for the specific mailbox is visible
  1. Click on Continuity > Delivery queue - outgoing to open the Outgoing Log Search page filtered to show all messages with the 'Queued' and 'Delivery failed' status. You can further filter your listed results by adding new rules using the + New rule link
  2. After adding more rules, click Show Results to run the search and list the results
  3. All queued emails which match the filters are listed in the table at the bottom of the page.

    Actions Available on Log Search Results

    In the Search Results listed you can carry out a variety of actions. These differ depending on the status of the message, and include but are not limited to the listed actions below.

    These options will change depending not only on the user level logged in, but also on the status of the message and whether you are on the Incoming or Outgoing Log Search page.

  4. To customise what columns are displayed, choose from the columns available in the Customise dropdown: