Configure N-able Recovery Service on Azure Recovery Locations

Installing the Recovery Locations recovery service on Azure requires additional configuration during setup of the Azure VM:

Azure Requirements

To install the Recovery Location's recovery service on an Azure VM, the following requirements are necessary:

  • A user created for you in your Azure tenant. The user must:
    • Have access to a subscription
    • Have access to a resource group you want to use to keep the Recovery Location VM and restored (target) Azure VMs
    • Be able to assign permissions on virtual machines within the resource group


It is important to follow the installation steps in the order below. If you grant the Recovery Location VM access to a resource group after installing the Recovery Service, you must then reboot the Recovery Location VM for these changes to take effect.

Check recovery location

When the Recovery Location set up is completed you will be able to find it in the drop-down at the first step of One-Time Restore wizard (or on the Recovery Locations Dashboard) and proceed with the restore: Configure One-Time Restore to Azure.