Customer management in Management Console

A customer in the Management Console is a general term for a company that provides, sells or consumes Cove Data Protection (Cove)'s backup services.

  • If you are a service provider, customers are your clients
  • If you are a system administrator, customers are groups or departments within your own company. Treat customers as a way to organize backup devices and control storage usage

When you open the Customers page in the Management Console, you will find your own company at the root level. Your customers are displayed below and all customers listed in the right-hand panel.

To view or manage devices belonging to a certain customer, go to Backup > Dashboard and select the customer from the Customer list at the top of the page.

Types of customer

Customers are organized in a hierarchy with Distributor at the top level.

Access to some modules in the Management Console is based on the type of customer. See the table below for the details.

Module or feature Distributor Sub-distributor Reseller End-customer Site
Quick Installation and generating passphrases (in Backup > Dashboard) Unavailable Available Available
Profiles Available
Backup > Dashboard (all features except for Quick Installation and generating passphrases)
Customers Unavailable
Users Available
Historical charts
Scheduled Reports

Access to features within a module may require a certain user account type (learn more).

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