System state

The System state data source in Backup Manager lets you back up the configuration of your operating system and critical system components such as the Registry, boot files, SYSVOL directory and Active Directory. In case of a failure you can switch to a different computer faster without the need to reconfigure your operating system.

When backing up System State, this includes the following aspects of the system:

  • Registry
  • Boot files
  • System files
  • Disk partition information
  • Active directory
  • MS Search information
  • Performance monitor information
  • Task scheduler information
  • VSS components
  • WMI components

System state does not back up user data or program files. To ensure that a full recovery of the system is possible, please select the operating system partition in the Files and Folders datasource as well. This is usually the C:\ drive, but may be another drive letter depending on how the device is configured.

Virtual Disaster Recovery and Bare Metal Recovery

Be aware that in order to successfully restore using the Virtual Disaster Recovery or Bare Metal Recovery methods, you must back up the full System State data source


Instructions on restoring data from this data source can be found on Recovering data in Backup Manager.

What's inside: