Network shares backup error (Windows)

In some rare cases a network share backup session may not be completed on Windows. For example, it can happen with an open, unprotected Windows resource that does not ask for authorization but at the same time does not let the LocalSystem account used by Backup Manager to access the data. If you are experiencing such an issue, try force changing the user account through the Services Console. The alternative account you use should meet either of these requirements:

  • It must belong to the Administrators group that has access to the network resource
  • It should exist both on your computer and on the target network resource (same username and password)

Here is how to switch to that account:

  1. Open the Start menu and in the search box, enter services.msc
  2. Double-click the program to open the Services Console
  3. Right-click the "Backup Service Controller" service and choose Properties > Log On
  4. Select the This account checkbox, then enter access credentials for the alternative account
  5. Apply the changes
  6. Right-click "Backup Service Controller", and choose Restart from the context menu

The network share should be available for backup after that.


Instructions on restoring data from this data source can be found on Recovering data in Backup Manager.