Linux System Recovery

The System State data source cannot be backed up and restored for Linux devices using Cove Data Protection (Cove), meaning restoring a Linux system is different to recovery of a Windows device.

The following steps must be followed to restore a Linux system:

  1. Reinstall the correct Linux distribution on the device
  2. Download the Backup Manager installation file

    This can be found from the Downloads page in Management Console, or from the Backup Downloads page on our website.

  3. Install Backup Manager on the Linux device in restore-only mode:
    1. Run the installer by using the following command:

      # chmod +x

      We recommend that you grant the installer execute permissions using the above command

      The installer can be run itself without permissions by using the following command:

      # ./

    2. When the Backup Manager has opened in the browser, enter the device details:
    3. Choose option R to install in Restore-Only mode
  4. Launch the Backup Manager for the device
  5. Restore the data you wish to recovery using the Files and Folders data source by following the Recovery Steps Instructions