View Windows 365 Cloud PCs and details


  • You must be assigned the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Device Reader or Writer.

View Windows 365 Cloud PCs

  1. On the left navigation, select Assets > Windows 365.
  2. If not already selected, use the global customer selector - Customers drop-down menu to select the customers you want to view data for.

    The Windows 365 Cloud PCs display. You can filter and search the data, choose the columns you want to display, and export to Microsoft Excel. See Navigation and tools for table options.

View Windows 365 Cloud PCs details

  1. On the left navigation, select Assets > Windows 365.
  2. Filter or search to find the device you need and select the device name to view its details.
  3. Select the tab for the type of details you want to view:
    Detail typeDescriptionAction
    SummaryDevice details directly from Microsoft including general information such as serial number, ownership, OS, OS version, and last refresh.View only.
    HistoryLog of all commands performed on the device showing the command status, when it started, who performed the command, and the organization for the device.Select the name of the command to view its summary and output details.

    You can refresh, sort, and filter the list, and you can export to Excel.

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Updated: Jun 06, 2024