Set up Patch Management

Deploying patch management across devices requires a number of configuration steps. By completing each step listed below, you can incorporate a successful patching solution for your customers.

Check each step as you work through the process
Step 1 – Configure a probe cache

Step 2 – Create a patch rule with the Patch Setup Wizard and configure the maintenance windows.

The defaults are:

  • Detection Window: a duration of 60 minutes twice daily at midnight and 4 pm.
  • Pre-download Window: a duration of 60 minutes every day at 1 am.
  • Install Window: a duration of 180 minutes at 2 am on Saturday.
  • Reboot Window: a duration of 180 minutes at 3 am on Saturday.

To determine if you need a difference window schedule, see Pre-deployment self audit.

Step 2.1 – Create a patch profile (included in the patch setup wizard).
Step 2.2 – Enable patch management on the devices (included in the patch setup wizard)
Step 3 – Configure auto approvals and declines

After completing these steps, scheduled patching maintenance can begin.