Prepare to use N-able Backup

Deploying N-able Backup across a group of devices requires a couple of configuration steps. N-able Backup is an add-on that is licensed per device. Before you can use N-able Backup, you need to register for the service first.

After installation, the administrator must accept the EULA before devices can be enabled with N-able Backup.

To use N-able Backup, you need to complete a few steps. Follow the steps listed in the checklist below.

  Check each step as you work through the process
Step 1 – Ensure that all administrators using N-able Backup have the proper user permissions.
Step 2 – Create a backup profile

Step 3 – Create a backup deployment rule

Alternatively, you can deploy N-able Backup on a device manually.

After completing these steps, scheduled backups can take place.