Add a N-able Backup profile

A N-able Backup profile is a standard configuration used on all devices. When you run a rule to install N-able Backup, the configuration within the profile is the baseline settings across a customer's site. This saves time and ensures consistency when deploying N-able Backup to many devices.

Create backup profiles at the Service Organization and Customer level.

  1. Click Cove Data ProtectionCove Data ProtectionProfiles.
  2. Click Add Profile.
  3. Complete the settings configuration and associated devices and click Save.

The new profile appears in the profiles list. When installing N-able Backup, select the profile from the list.

If your profiles page appears blank after clicking Add and the wait icon stays on the screen, check the cookie settings for your browser, and ensure it is set to Always. If it is set to Visited, there may be a display issue.


  • On the Data sources tab, when you select Keep Local Settings, you can customize per device the specific folders and files to backup. The profile will respect the individual device backup settings if configured. For more information, see Back up specific files and folders.
  • For the Backup Schedule, the Start time indicates when within that time-frame the backup begins. The times are random so that if the profile is used on 100 devices, they do not all start a back up to the cloud at the exact same time, to ease traffic over the Internet.
  • On the LocalSpeedVault tab, if you choose to back up to a network drive, ensure that you enter the username and password correctly. N-able Backup does not alert you if either is incorrect.