Updated: January 19, 2021

Uninstall Take Control

Remove Take Control remote control from a device. You can uninstall Take Control from all devices system-wide or from individual devices.

Agent Upgrade Required
If you uninstall Take Control on a system running a N-able N-central 10.2.x agent and then upgrade the agent to N-able N-central 11.0, the uninstall will not succeed. You cannot uninstall Take Control on systems with a 10.2.x agent.
You must have the latest version of the N-able N-central 11.0 or higher agent before you uninstall Take Control on systems running N-able N-central 11.2.


  1. Click Administration > Defaults > Remote Control Defaults.
  2. Locate the Default Connection Type list, locate the device profile and click the check box for it. For example, Workstations - Windows.
  3. Click to clear the check box for Install Take Control.
  4. Click Save.

Single device

  1. In N-able N-central, click ViewsAll Devices.
  2. Click the link for the device.
  3. Click the Remote Control Settings tab.
  4. Click to clear the check box for Install Take Control.
  5. Click Save.

Entire device class

  1. At the SO Level, click Administration.
  2. Click Defaults.
  3. Click Remote Control Defaults.
  4. Select a Device Class where you have Take Control as the default remote support tool selected.
  5. Click to clear the check box for Install Take Control.
  6. Select both of the options Propagate these changes to Customers/Sites : and Propagate these changes to existing devices :.
  7. Click Save.

When Take control is uninstalled, the next available remote control management tool is set as the default for devices. Take Control will no longer be available for use.

Whenever you move the pointer over the Remote Control selector in the Device Details, Active Issues, or All Devices views, a message appears informing you that Take Control is not configured for the device.

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