User permissions for Disk Encryption Manager

You can set the permissions for administrator interaction with Disk Encryption Manager recovery keys and recovery key reports. Permissions in N-able N-central is a method of controlling access to customers and devices based on the roles of the user. The access is the permission the user has to perform work.

Setting the Disk Encryption Manager permissions enables the administrator to click the Retrieve Recovery Code button in a device's settings to access a code to unlock a device's disk if the user forgets their password, and enables access to the Recovery Key report.

  1. Click AdministrationUser ManagementRoles.
  2. Select an existing role or select Create Role.
  3. In the ConfigurationSecurity/AV area, select Manage for Disk Encryption Manager (Recovery Key Management) to provide a user a recovery key.
  4. Setting the permission to None disables the Retrieve Recovery Code button and access to the Recovery Key report.

  5. Select Manage for Recovery Key Report Report to enable a user to access and run the Recovery Key Report.
  6. Configure any other permissions and click Save.

Assign the role to a user who will perform recovery key management activities.

For more information on user permissions and assigning roles, see What are role-based permissions?