Provide a recovery key for a user

Recovery keys enable a user to access the encrypted drive if they forget their password, or if an encrypted drive needs to be installed in a new computer.

Devices using the TPM without a PIN option do not need to enter a pre-boot password.

During the device boot up, the user needs to enter their password or PIN to access the drives on the device. If they forget their password or PIN, they can press the Escape key to obtain a recovery key. This is the key that they use when contacting the technician to unlock their drives.

  1. In N-able N-central, click Views > All Devices and click the device name.
  2. Click SettingsSecurity Manager and click Retrieve Recovery Key.
  3. Enter the recovery key provided by the user and click OK.
  4. N-able N-central presents a recovery key that you can provide to the user.
  5. The user enters the recovery key and must enter a new password or PIN before unlocking the drive.

DO NOT lose the recovery keys. There is no way to recover an encrypted hard disk if the recovery key is lost. N-able does not save historical recovery keys for trials or paid contracts after moving on from N-able N-central.

You can also refer to the Recovery Key Report to retrieve a recovery key.

N-able N-central stores deleted device recovery keys for 90 days.