Removing devices and decrypting an encrypted disk

At some point you may want to decrypt a device's hard disk and leave it in an unencrypted state. Note that when you decrypt a device, you remove all encryption from all drives. If you need to re-enable encryption, you need to run a the encryption process again.

If encryption was applied to a rule, you need to remove the device from that rule. Otherwise the rule will be applied and encryption added again.

You can decrypt a device in different ways:

In all situations, N-able N-central prompts you to ensure that you retrieve the recovery key(s) before starting any decryption procedure. N-abledoes not save historical recovery keys for trials or paid contracts after moving on from N-able N-central.

If you chose to remove the Disk Encryption Manager from a device, you can leave the device encrypted, as Bitlocker is natively part of the device system. However, you will lose the management capabilities. Ensure you collect all recovery keys before off boarding (removing) the device. You should ALWAYS obtain the recovery key. N-able does not store or backup recovery keys. If something goes wrong with the decryption, and you removed the device from N-able N-central, there is no way to recall the recovery keys or unlock the drive.