Configure communication settings for the MDM profile server

Important Update: Please read our release note about important updates and limited functionality of our Mobile Device Management solution with the launch of our new Device Management for Apple (DMA). We recommend you enroll your iOS devices with DMA. Read more about migrating from MDM to DMA.

When managing mobile devices in N-able N-central, they communicate with the MDM Profile Server. The MDM Profile Server uses the same default settings as N-able N-central communications with other devices. You can change these settings to an alternate address and port number for better throughput or security reasons.

For information on configuring the N-able N-central default communication settings, see Appliance Settings.

  1. Click Configuration > Mobile Devices > MDM Profile Server.
  2. Click Use Custom Settings.
  3. Select the Protocol, and enter the Server Address and Port Number.
  4. Click Save.

Communication between N-able N-central and invited mobile devices will occur over the configured server address and port number.