Set up Export Device Profiles for MSP Manager

An Export Profile defines settings and targets for device export. After an Export Profile is set up, device information is automatically exported to MSP Manager using the Export Profiles whenever a device change is detected.

You must set up a default Asset Status in MSP Manager before exporting a device. You cannot save your device export profile unless you have done so.

The following device changes will initiate an automatic export using the new profile:

  • Add a device
  • Remove a device
  • Modify a device
  • Modify device assets
  • Asset discovery
  • Appliance self-registration

Use the Export Now feature at any time to initiate a complete export of up-to-date device information.

The customer to whom the device belongs must be mapped before any devices can be exported.

Contract and billing information will not be updated by device export. This is done during the nightly maintenance.

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