Add an MSP Manager Export Device Profile

  1. Click AdministrationPSA Integration > Export Devices.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Configure the following properties of the Profile:


    Identifies the Profile.


    Provides additional user-defined information about the Profile.


    Status of Devices after export

    Select the device status in MSP Manager after data has been exported:

    • Active
    • Inactive

    These are the default status values. If you have configured any custom devices, they will also be listed here.

    When a device is deleted or is no longer managed by N-able N-central

    Select how MSP Manager will manage Configurations for devices that no longer exist or are no longer managed in N-able N-central from one of the following:

    • Delete the Device in MSP Manager—This option is not recommended unless you have a good reason to do so. Deleting the device here will cause ticket history for this device to be lost, so you may want to select the second option and choose a status
    • Set status of the Device in MSP Manager to either Active or Inactive
    • Do Nothing—If you choose to Do Nothing, you will have to remember to reconcile your device information in MSP Manager with that in N-able N-central.


    Device Export Criteria

    You can create an export profile that only applies to a specific set of devices by selecting customers, device classes or filters that devices belong to.

    • All Devices—Data for every device that is managed by N-able N-central will be exported. This is the default.
    • By Customer—Data for devices associated with selected Customers or Sites will be exported.
    • By Device Class—Data for devices based on selected classes will be exported.
    • By Filter—Data for devices grouped by selected Filters will be exported.
  4. Save your changes.

    Device information will be exported as device changes occur. The next complete export using this profile will happen at the time of the next Asset Discovery.

  5. Click Export Now in the Actions column to initiate an immediate complete export using the new Export Profile.