Map N-able N-central Customers to MSP Manager Customers

Map N-able N-central customers or locations to customers or locations in MSP Manager to generate tickets.

  • You must configure a customer in MSP Manager before attempting to map N-able N-central data.
  • You can pull a customer into MSP Manager from N-able N-central and then complete the mapping.
  • Only mapped customers will have devices exported to MSP Manager and Service Tickets created.
  1. Click Administration > PSA Integration > Customer Mapping.
  2. Select an N-able N-central customer from the list of customers or click the drop-down arrow beside the customer name to expand a list of customer sites.
  3. Click the pencil icon in the MSP Manager Customer Name column, and select a customer to map to the N-able N-central customer or site.
  4. Click the pencil icon in the Location column to map the customer location to the MSP Manager location. Add:Location specified here is used for when creating tickets.
  5. Click Save.

N-able N-central completes the mapping for ticketing.

Disable Customer Mapping

You can disable customer mappings by unmapping them from MSP Manager.

For each N-able N-central customer mapping that you would like to disable, select Disabled from the MSP Manager Customer Name drop-down menu.