Obtain the ConnectWise Manage API Keys

You need the ConnectWise Manage API keys to authenticate N-able N-central to communicate with ConnectWise Manage.

As a safeguard, make a copy of both the Public and Private Keys. Once generated, the Private Key will not be visible anymore.

  1. Login to your ConnectWise Manage account using the desktop client.
  2. Create a Role ID with the permissions to create API keys.
  3. Navigate to System > Members and click the API Member tab.
  4. Create a new API Only Member.

    The new API Member must have the Role ID created in step 2.
    Do not use this account for the Ticketing Recipient Member who will have their time tracked against a ticket. It will cause the Time Entry for the ticket to fail.

  5. Generate the API Keys.
  6. Enter a Description for the API Keys.
  7. Save your changes.

Both the Public and Private API Keys display.