Create and manage Workspaces

Workspaces are a collection of different Workspace Pages consisting of customized Widgets that provide key information on a per user basis. Each user can create a personal Workspace with multiple Pages to track the information they need to monitor specific customers. A single Workspace Page can contain multiple Widgets to track things like the assigned customer's asset details, a list of tickets, contacts, locations, or service items.

Stay organized by creating and customizing Workspaces for each of your assigned customers and view only the tickets, assets and service items for that one customer, for example. With the Workspace grid, you can shape and re-size the Widgets on each page as needed, and add as many Widgets to each workspace that you need.

Managers can also create Chart Widgets to track ticket progress, view specific user statistics or a real-time work time line for selected users to keep a close eye on progress.

Initially, a default workspace is automatically created as a starting point and an example of the types of data you can configure and track from a workspace dashboard. Select Export as Personal to copy and export the default workspace as your own Personal Workspace. This is a way to customize the pages and widgets displayed in the default workspace, and also to get familiar with how to edit and customize workspaces.

Create your Workspace

  1. From the navigation bar on the left of your MSP Manager account, select Workspaces.
  2. Click and select Add Workspace.
  3. Enter a title and select a type. There are 3 levels of workspaces to choose from:
    1. Personal - all users have full access to personal workspaces.
    2. Template - visible and accessible to all users. Templates are read-only in partner accounts, though they can use them and filter using our filter controls.
    3. Shared - all users can view shared workspaces, but permission is required in order to edit & share them.

    Navigate to Settings > Users & Permissions > Roles and edit the role to which you would like to grant shared workspace permissions. Select the MSP Company Management section to expand its options, and select Manage Shared Workspaces. Save the Role to grant it's assigned users access to the Shared Workspace feature.

  4. Click to save the Workspace.
  5. Make sure to select the Active option to make the Workspace visible to all MSP Manager users.

Add Pages to your Workspace

  1. To add Pages to your Workspace, click and select Add Page.
  2. Enter the Workspace Page title and click to save the Page.

Add as many Pages as you need and they are displayed as tabs at the top of your Workspace.

Add Widgets to your Page

  1. From any of your Workspace Pages, click the add button and select Add Widget.
  2. Click next to any Widget to add it to your Workspace Page. Select as many Widgets as you would like, and they are displayed on your Page.
  3. Use the Filters option to sort widgets by type of content.

  4. Close the Add Widget Window when you are finished selecting Widgets.
  5. After adding Widgets to your Workspace Page, the layout of the page is unlocked. Click any Widget on the Page to adjust the window size or drag it to a specific location within the Workspace Page.
  6. When you are finished organizing the Widgets, click Finish Editing to lock the page. At anytime, you can select Edit Workspace to adjust the widgets on the page.

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