Diagnose and repair QuickBooks web connector errors

A QuickBooks web connector error QBWC-1039 can occur:

  • After switching QuickBooks Desktop accounts.
  • When using QuickBooks Desktop on a new computer.
  • If your QuickBooks company file has been moved from its original location.
  • If a third party application was incorrectly removed from the web connector.

To resolve this error:

  1. Navigate to the Billing section of your MSP Manager account, select a billing batch, and click Review & export invoices.

  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop as the export format.
  3. Click the Downloaded QWC file link to download the QuickBooks web connector.

  4. Locate the folder to which the QuickBooks web connector file was downloaded.
  5. Right click the file and click Open with > Notepad (or Textedit for MacOS users).
  6. Change the first number in the OwnerID to any other number. This makes the OwnerID unique to your user.
  7. Save the file and close.
  8. Right click the web connector file and select Open with > QuickBooks Web Connector.
  9. Click Update Selected to run the QuickBooks web connector file, connect to MSP Manager and export your invoices to QuickBooks.

Here is a list of a few other errors you might encounter when using QuickBooks Desktop with MSP Manager .