Billing errors

In the Billing area, the Previous Billing Batches are listed on the right. If all invoices in a batch were successfully exported, appears next to the Bill Amount. If there was an error during export, appears.


How do I troubleshoot a billing batch with an error?


  1. Select a billing batch and click the Review & Export Invoices tab.
  2. Check the Exported column for each invoice.
  3. Move your cursor over the to see the error message.

Common errors

QuickBooks error

There was an error when saving an invoice. QuickBooks error message: You have no items or one or more of your amounts is not associated with an item. Please enter an item.

An amount in the invoice is not associated with an item in QuickBooks or Xero. Make sure all items on this invoice are correctly mapped to existing items in your accounting software. Misspellings and incorrect formatting can cause this error.

After default mappings or spelling mistakes are corrected, export the invoice again.

Application error

There was a problem adding the application. Check the QBWCLog.txt for details.

This error has two possible causes:

  • The company file moved from its original location. This is usually caused by installing QuickBooks on a new computer.
  • A problem with QuickBooks Web Connector.

In both cases, do the following:

  1. From your QuickBooks Desktop account, select EditPreferencesIntegrated AppsMSP Manager ServiceRemove.
  2. Load the QuickBooks Web Connector file again. See Export an invoice to QuickBooks Desktop for the first time for instructions.

Web connector error

Error message received from application via getLastError(): Error!

An invoice in the billing batch contains more than four thousand characters of time entry notes. Check all invoices in the billing batch for tickets with excessive time entry detail. The QuickBooks Web Connector can not process more than four thousand characters per invoice.

View each invoice in the batch to search for tickets with excessive time entry notes:

  1. Select View next to each invoice in the billing batch.
  2. Locate the ticket number that contains the most time entry detail.
  3. Delete the billing batch.
  4. Click Helpdesk > Search for the ticket number.
  5. Edit each time entry and delete unnecessary time entry detail.
  6. Save the ticket.
  7. Recreate the billing batch and export to QuickBooks.

If the batch does not export successfully, repeat the steps until each invoice does not exceed the maximum character limit.