Set company notifications for system and user actions

Set company-wide and external email notifications for users and customers. Notifications can be set to trigger when an action is taken on tickets, knowledge information, or service items. You can define who within your company is notified when an inbound ticket is received, and which customer is notified when tickets are created and updated. Create Notification Templates to choose between HTML or plain text notifications.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Notifications Settings.
  2. Select each section to expand and configure who will receive the notification.
  3. Select Save Settings when finished.

After completing the configuration of your company notification settings, make sure your technicians' role(s) allow for the configuration of notifications.

Grant notification permissions to technicians

Each technician must have permission to access and configure notifications. Make sure their role(s) include access to this feature.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users & Permissions > Roles.
  2. Select next to the role you want to edit.
  3. Select and expand the MSP Company Management section.
  4. Select the check box next to Configure Notification Settings.
  5. Click the Save Icon when finished.

Expiry notifications for knowledge and service items

The Knowledge and Service Items Notifications sections allow for the configuration of reminder notifications for expiring service items or licenses, certificates, or subscriptions listed in the Expiry section of the Knowledge area.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Notifications Settings.
  2. Select When an Item will expire soon... or When a customer's service item will expire soon... and enter the number of days prior to the expiration of the knowledge or service item that you would like to trigger notifications and specify which users to notify.
  3. Select When an item has expired... and When a customer's service item has expired..., specify which users to notify that the expiry knowledge item or service item has expired, and save the settings.

Each day the MSP Manager notification service checks for expired or soon-to-expire knowledge or service items. If any items match the specified number of days, or if the item has already expired then notifications are sent for each item. Notifications continue to be sent out each day for the expiring or expired items until the knowledge or service item is updated.

Configure notifications from the MSP Manager mobile app

After technicians are granted permission to configure notifications from the MSP Manager web app, configure the same notification settings from the mobile app.

  1. Log into the mobile app and navigate to Settings.
  2. In the Notifications section, turn on the Notifications on/off setting, and select which notifications from the list you would like to receive on the mobile app.

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