Configure browser push notifications for MSP Manager

Configure push notifications from your browser to stay up to date on when a customer responds to a specific question in a ticket, or when a technician has an urgent escalation of a ticket and assigns it to another tech. Even if your browser is minimized or MSP Manager is not open, desktop notifications can alert to new tickets or customer responses.

After logging into your MSP Manager account, your browser will send a notification asking to allow or block push notifications – select Allow. The notifications are different depending on which supported browser you are using:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

  1. To configure your browser notification settings, click on your name in the top right of the navigation bar in MSP Manager and select My Account.
  2. Select the Notifications tab, and click On / Off for each browser notification you would like to apply. These notifications are applied to your MSP Manager user only.

  3. Click Save to confirm your changes.

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