Users & Permissions

The system's Users & Permissions pages, allow you to add and manage users' login credentials so that they can access Spam Experts.

There are different types of users:

Super-admin (Spam Experts Local Cloud only)

A Super-Admin user has full access to the Local Cloud, including all configured domains, users, and to settings that apply to the entire Local Cloud, and to the Control Panel API. One Super-Admin user will have been provided by your N-able Account Manager, and you can create more as required; all super-admins have the same full access to the Local Cloud. A super-admin user may view and change settings and logs for any admin, domain, or mailbox. We strongly recommend that you limit the IP addresses from which super-admin users may log in, and require 2FA for all super-admin users.



A Sub-Admin user is simply an Admin user that belongs to a higher level (“parent”) Admin.




This page also allows you to set credentials for enabling OAuth on your Control panel.

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