Email Level Control Panel

The Email Level Control Panel allows Email users access to many Spam Experts features including their incoming and outgoing log searches, spam quarantine, and incoming and outgoing delivery queues. It also enables Email Level users to access and reply to emails in the event that the mail server is offline or down.

What do you want to do?

Section Action Page
Reporting View and manage Incoming and Outgoing Email Scout Reports Spam Report Email
Enable and configure a mailbox protection report Enable Periodic User Report - Email Level
Incoming Train messages as spam or not spam Report messages as Spam or Not Spam/Train Messages
Protection View incoming log search Incoming Log Search
View outgoing log search Outgoing Log Search
View delivery failure information for both Incoming and Outgoing mail Delivery Failure Details/Delivery Issue Log
Add and manage the sender Allow list and sender Block list Manage Incoming Sender Allow list and Block list - Email Level
View any messages in the Spam Quarantine Managing the Spam Quarantine
Archiving Search the incoming and outgoing archive
  • Search Incoming/Outgoing Archive
  • Export mail from the archive Export Archived Messages
    Create an on-demand archive index On-demand Archive Index
    Continuity View the incoming delivery queue View Incoming Delivery Queue
    View the outgoing delivery queue View Outgoing Delivery Queue
    Compose an email in the event of your mail server being down or offline Compose Email
    Use one of the Spam Experts network tools Network Tools
    My Settings Manage the users profile Manage Your Email User Profile