Managing the Spam Quarantine

Access the Spam quarantine to view incoming messages that have been blocked and stored as spam.

As well as being able to access quarantined messages from the Log Search (described in Using the Log Search), you can also access them directly from the Spam Quarantine:

  1. Navigate the Protection menu to find Spam quarantine.
  2. The Log Search page is displayed, listing all messages that have been quarantined:

In this page you can:

  • Search for a quarantined message - Use the Query Rules filter at the top of the page.
  • Empty spam quarantine - Click on the Empty spam quarantine button at the top right of the page.
  • Perform actions on individual emails:

    Actions Available on Log Search Results

    In the Search Results listed you can carry out a variety of actions. These differ depending on the status of the message, and include but are not limited to the listed actions below.

    These options will change depending not only on the user level logged in, but also on the status of the message and whether you are on the Incoming or Outgoing Log Search page.

  • Preview quarantined message content - By clicking on the message link in the Subject column the Mail preview page opens displaying the message. In this page you can view the message in plain text or the original HTML format. You may also be able to perform the following actions:
    • Release quarantined messages - Allow messages to be delivered to the recipient.
    • Release and train messages - Allow messages to be delivered and train the system to recognize future messages from this sender as not spam.
    • Remove messages - This removes the message completely from the system.
    • Download the message in .eml format - Download a copy of the message in .eml format so that you can look at this outside of the system.