Server Changes

Server Modifications

Server modifications may be needed, and as Spam Experts provides it’s services SaaS, actions may be required from our side before such changes are applied to prevent issues with the setup.

Be aware that even though we never change the original root SSH password, and you can authorize your IP address for SSH access via our web interface, you should never modify files directly on the system to prevent breaking the setup.

We do not support any problems whatsoever that result from a direct change you made, so please always reach out to our support team if you believe a change is required. A fee may be charged to undo any changes that occurred as root on the system, and a reinstallation may be required in such cases to ensure the software can be updated and monitored.

We do allow customers to update “/etc/network/interfaces” directly to troubleshoot network problems or to add extra IP addresses, as long as the primary IP address remains unchanged.

Changing the primary IP address

If the primary IP address of the server changes, the system will no longer be able to reach out central intelligence networks and as a result will no longer be able to process email traffic or be monitored.

If the primary IP address requires changing, please notify us at least 3 working days in advance, so we can pre-authorize the new IP address in our central networks.

There is no fee charged for such change.

Please ensure the new primary IP address has the PTR set correctly to the server hostname, to prevent any issues.

For more information, see Server Migrations, Updates and IP Changes.

Changing hostnames

The Spam Experts Local Cloud setup relies on the server hostnames to be consistent. If the hostname would change, the system will no longer process any email. If you wish to change your hostname, we will have to reinstall the systems and restore the existing configuration/data.

A fee applies to such modification. For more information contact our support team.

Adding more memory/CPU cores

Adding more memory or CPU cores to your servers can be achieved without our help. If the software is running on a physical server, you can simply shut it down over SSH (or using a PDU) before making the hardware changes. For virtual machines, it is as easy as changing the CPU/memory allocation and rebooting the server.

Please inform our support about the planned (hardware) maintenance window so we can temporarily disable the monitoring process of your system.

We suggest you to reboot/modify one system at a time to ensure the availability of your cluster.


If you're planning to perform general maintenance on your servers, powerfeed(s), network or anything that may affect the correct operation of the spam filters; please inform us in advance.

We need this information so we can keep track of warnings triggered by our monitoring system regarding your server(s).