This addon is free to use for Spam Experts clients. This can be downloaded from here.

Hosted Cloud users can see here for information on authenticating to the platform.


  • Add new domains using the Spampanel API, and activate available products (the products should be predefined by explicit selection from the following list: Incoming, Outgoing, Both)
  • Remove domains using the Spampanel API once a domain is deleted from WHMCS
  • Create the domain user for newly added domains
  • Manage domain routes
  • Manage domains' aliases
  • Manage domains' contact emails
  • One-click login link (to an associated Spampanel) generation
  • administrator Module - Possibility to Create/Terminate/Upgrade administrator accounts with one-click login button in the clientarea * Local Cloud Only
  • administrator's Clientarea Management
  • API configuration and test connection
  • Easy setup of basic product packages with necessary setup (incoming, Outgoing, Both)
  • Support page


  1. Upload and extract the module into the main WHMCS directory
  2. Login to your WHMCS admin area. Click 'Setup' then choose 'Addon Modules'. Afterwards find 'Spam Experts' and press Activate button
  3. In next step you need to permit access to this module. To do so click on 'Configure' button, tick 'Full Administrator' and press 'Save Changes'
  4. To create new product you can use addon module or you can create it manually

Detailed documentation on this can be found here.

* WHMCS Addon is compatible with WHMCS 8.3.1 and earlier versions.