Step 5: Add a service plan

Spam Experts no longer supports CloudBlue integration. This will be deprecated shortly.

Before beginning with the below steps, please ensure you have completed Step 4: Add a service template.

To access the Service Plan you need to switch to the CloudBlue Billing interface.

Add the Service Plan

  1. Go to Products > Service Plans from the left-hand menu
  2. Click on the button labeled Add New Service Plan
  3. Select the Generic Service Plan option
  4. Give the service plan an identifiable name in the Name field
  5. This is the name the customer will see in the shop.

  6. To select the Service Template from the ones made in Step 4: Add a service template click on the magnifying glass Search icon, and search for the service template by name
  7. The Service Template determines resources that are provided to the subscriber of the service plan.

  8. To define the Plan Category field, select a category from the dropdown which your new service plan will belong to. The plan category defines how the plan will be taxed
  9. Select a service term from the Service Terms list
  10. Provide a short summary and a long description of the service plan into the Short Summary and Detailed Description fields respectively
  11. Both descriptions are shown to customer in the online store. Both descriptions can be input in HTML format.

  12. The Service Plan can also be included in a unique group. Unique groups restrict the combination of service plans in a single subscription: service plans belonging to the same group cannot be up-sales of each other
  13. Check the Published checkbox, to make the service plan available for sale
  14.  Select a billing period from the Billing Period list. The Billing Period field differs depending on the billing period type. The following types are available:
    • Fixed Number of Months - billing period in months
    • Fixed Number of Years - billing period in years
  15. Configure any additional settings in here as required
  16. Click Next to be taken to the Prices and Subscription Periods page
  17. Select the subscription period for the period you wish to set and click Next
  18. Check the Setup Plan Fees
  19. Click Finish and the Service Plan will be created

Configure Service Plan Publication Settings

  1. Once the Service Plan displays on the list, click the plan name and navigate to the Publication Settings tab.
  2. Click Edit
  3. Check the Domains checkbox and then use the magnifying glass Search icon to find and select the plan
  4. You will receive confirmation that the service plan has been changed

After completing the above steps, move on to Step 6: Create a customer.

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