Step 3: Create Resources

Before beginning with the below steps, please ensure you have completed Step 2: Add a CloudBlue instance.


The application requires at minimum each of the following resources for the newly created CloudBlue application instance.

# Name Service Name Default Limit Auto-provisioned
1 Application Service Reference N/A 1 N/A
2 Application Service Context 1 Yes
3 Application Service Domain Unlimited No
4 Application Service Email Unlimited No

The Context resource will be the only automatically provisioned resource.

Application counters are optional, but you may find these useful. They allow more control over the application, users and resource administration/billing.

Create the Resources

  1. In the CloudBlue Commerce interface, navigate to Services > Applications,
  2. Select the Resource Types tab and click Create:
  3. Select the resource to create. These resources must be created in the below order:
  4. We highly recommend using SE as a prefix before the name when creating these resources. This makes it easier to find the resources later.

After completing the above steps, move on to Step 4: Add a service template.