Incoming Filtering

From the Incoming Filtering area you can carry out a variety of tasks related to the filtering of your incoming mail.

What do you want to do?

  • Getting Started with Incoming Filtering - See the Quick Start Guide on how you need to get started with incoming filtering
  • Get Started with Incoming - Important first steps in getting started with Incoming Filtering
  • View Incoming Delivery Queue - View emails that are being queued when not accepted by the destination server
  • Incoming Log Search - Filter on incoming mail and report on the data available
  • Manage Destinations - Add and check your destination mailserver route(s)
  • View Domain Statistics (Incoming) - Check domain statistics including spam ratio, spam messages blocked, viruses blocked, allows/blocks etc.
  • Configure Domain Settings - Configure various settings from the Admin Level Control Panel including: the primary contact email address; email notification From address; logging for invalid recipients and Rejected local part characters.
    • Domain Level Settings - Allows configuration for the settings as above, but from the Domain Level Control Panel
  • Report Spam - Upload messages you want the system to treat as legitimate (not spam) or spam
  • Clear Callout Cache - Incoming - Clear the domain's incoming callout cache
  • Customise Actions - Create a custom action to tell Spam Experts how to deal with mail that match the given criteria
  • Delivery Details - View the details of each attempted delivery of incoming mail
  • Logging Data Retention - See this page for information on the retention of logging data

Other Relevant Pages:

  • Allow list/Block list - Manage the Spam Experts Allow lists and Block lists for Recipients, Senders and rules
  • Reporting - View and configure reports
  • View Spam Quarantine - View incoming mail that has been blocked and quarantined and take action where necessary
    • Filter Settings - Enable/disable the Quarantine and manage Quarantine filter settings for incoming mail
  • Continuity - Tools used for troubleshooting any network problems