File Finder Scan Results Report for Individual Host

Go to View and Manage - Scan Results and double click on your File Finder scan:

The File Finder Scan Results report displays:

  • File Finder Data Summary - Whether the scan has passed or failed. If it has failed this means that suspect data has been found during the scan.
  • File Finder Scan Statistics - Lists:
    • Elapsed Time
    • Volumes Scanned - Includes Drive Root address, Drive Capacity, Free Space and Used Space for all volumes scanned
    • File Patterns
    • File Hashes - formats MD5, SHA1 and SHA256
    • Files Scanned - Number of files scanned
    • Files with Suspect Data - Number of files with suspect data
  • Suspected Data Details:

    The Permissions table displays which user groups have access to the suspected data, and what access rights they have. The following lists all available access types:

    • F - Full
    • M - Modify
    • X - Execute
    • R - Read
    • W - Write
    • S - Special - Windows-only permission


    - Half circle means that at least one of the users in the group has access at that level

    - Full circle means that all users in the group have access at that level