Scan Computers

Before you start scanning devices, you need to set up the Scan Configurations you need for your organization. Once you've done that, the scanning process involves the following steps:

  1. Click on Scan Computers in the left Navigation panel.
  2. From Choose Organization, choose the organization you want to scan (within your organizational structure). By default the current organization is selected. To change, click on Change and select from those available.
  3. From Choose a Scan Type, choose from the list of Scan Configurations available.
  4. Choose how you want your scan to be run, from the Scan Delivery Method dropdown. See Choosing a Scan Delivery Method for details of the delivery methods available.
  5. The instructions for your selected method are then displayed on the page. Follow the instructions to run your scan.
  6. Now that you've started your scan, you can view its progress (and a history of previous scans) from the View Individual Device Scan Results page.

The system can only run one scan at a time. If you initiate a scan while another is running. The second scan is queued until the first scan completes.

The time taken to run a scan depends on a variety of factors: the amount of data to be scanned; the amount of used space; the scan type (Data Breach Risk and PCI & PAN scans generally take the longest); the network conditions e.g. Internet speed and device usage. Run times can range from a few minutes to several hours or several days for huge amounts of data.