Exclude Files Globally from Data Scans

This topic describes how to exclude files in your organization and any sub-organizations, from all of the Risk Intelligence data scan results reports i.e. PAN scan, PCI and PAN scan, Data Discovery scan and Data Breach Risk scan. This feature allows you to exclude files by file name, file type or file path.

Any global exclusions you set up are only picked up by future scans.
You can reinstate any excluded files at any time.
  1. Select View and Manage > Organizations and double-click to open the relevant organization page.
  2. Open the Account Info tab and click Edit in the Configuration Options panel.
  3. In the Global PAN/Data Discovery File Exclusions field, enter your file exclusion and click Add. Repeat this for additional exclusions.
  4. The following rules apply:

    • Exclusions must use forward slashes in paths
    • Exclusions are case sensitive
    • Legal wildcards are *, ** and *.*
  5. When finished, click Save.

File Exclusion Examples

Files to Exclude Exclusion Text Examples
To exclude the file c:\temp\text.txt c:/temp/text.txt  
To exclude files with a parent directory called private **/private/*.* This excludes:
  • c:\private\file.xml
  • c:\temp\private\file.xml
  • c:\Documents and Settings\text\private\file.xml
  • /Volumes/private/file.xml
To exclude files with the .txt extension *.txt  
To exclude all files in a directory starting with PRIVATE **/PRIVATE*/ *.* This excludes:
  • c:\PRIVATE_1\file.xml
  • c:\temp\PRIVATE_2\file.xml
To exclude all files and sub-directories in a directory named 'temp' **/temp/**

This excludes:

  • c:\temp\file.xml
  • c:\dir1\dir2\temp\dir3\dir4\file.txt
  • /Volumes/some/temp/path/file.txt
Tip - You can also choose to exclude files on data scans while creating Scan Configurations. Furthermore, you can exclude files on individual devices too, see Exclude Files from Data Scans on Individual Hosts.