Customize Logo on Scan Results Reports

You can customize the Scan Results Reports for an organization and its sub-organizations to display your own logo and configure the URL where the user is directed when they click the logo.

If a sub-organization has their own branding defined already, this task does not impact that branding.

To customize the logo on the Scan Results Reports:

  1. On the Navigation panel, select View and Manage > Organization
  2. Double-click the target organization

    The Account Info tab displays for the organization.

  3. In the Account Info tab, click Edit in the Branding panel

    The Editing Branding panel displays.

  4. For Logo Nav URL, enter the URL where you want the user directed when they click the logo
  5. For Org Logo, enter the URL that points to the logo you want displayed in the Single Device Scan Results Reporting page

    Recommended image size: 180x60 pixels
    Accepted formats: png, jpg

  6. Click Save at the bottom of the panel

    The logo now displays in all of the Scan Results reports for this organization and any sub-organizations.

  7. For more information about branding options, see Branding.