Customize Logo on Scan Results Reports

This topic describes how to customize the logo displayed in the Scan Results reports for this organization and any sub-organizations (unless sub-organizations have their own branding defined).

  1. To access your logged in organization's account settings pages, click on your username in the Platform Bar and selecting Account Settings:
  2. Go to View and Manage - Organizations and double-click on the organization you wish to open. The Account Settings pages are displayed.
  3. Click to open the Account Info tab. The Branding panel displays all configured branding options.
  4. Click Edit at the top right of the Branding panel.
  5. In the Org Logo field, enter the URL which points to the logo (recommended image size: 180x60 pixels; accepted formats: png, jpg).
  6. Click Save.
  7. The logo is now displayed in all of the Scan Results reports for this organization and any sub-organizations.

Customize the Link from the Logo

To define the URL accessed when clicking on the logo:

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above.
  2. In the Branding panel, in the Logo Nav URL field, enter the URL you want to access when you click on the logo in the reports.
  3. Click Save.