Microsoft Windows Backup

Depending on the version of Windows Backup installed on the device, the Agent queries either the Windows Application Event Log or the Microsoft Windows Backup Event Log on the local device to determine the status of the backup job.

We feel that it is prudent to alert to any failure events recorded in the backup, even where a success event is discovered, as this error may be an indication of a larger problem with the backup or the device.

We include the option to monitor the Backup Service Availability and Backup Set Integrity alerting where failure events are recorded that are not reflected in the backup's completion status but may affect the ability from restore the backup set. Please note that Monitor Backup Service Availability and Backup Set Integrity is enabled by default.

Backup Service Availability ensures that the Block Level Backup Engine service (wbengine) is able to start and that the catalog files, both global detailing all backups and local detailing backups to a specific location, are not corrupt.

Backup Set Integrity checks the consistency as well as hardware and software corruption to determine the integrity of the backup set.

Note: Windows 7 - Command Line Tool or GUI

A GUI and Command Line tool (wbadmin) is available for Microsoft Windows 7 Backup.

The Microsoft Windows Backup Check only supports those backups initiated using the Command Line tool (wbadmin) and will fail where the GUI was used.

For backups from the GUI, please use the Windows 7 Backup Check.

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Since the Backup Checks poll the device for the backup results, the results in N-sight RMM are those reported by the Backup software being monitored. If the reported result is Completed with Errors, Completed with Warnings, or a similar response, we recommend you investigate the device the problem and ensure the Backup software can backup the expected data sets.