Microsoft Windows 7 Backup

For the Microsoft Windows 7 Backup Check we query the Windows Application Event Log on the local device over the preceding 24 hours to determine the status of the backup.

In particular we monitor for Events 4097 (Backup Started), 4098 (Backup Completed) and 4103 (error) failing the Check where the Event Type is recorded as Error. The Check also fails if Warnings are discovered for Event 4099 (Canceled by user).

Note: Windows 7 - Command Line Tool or GUI

Please note, a GUI and Command Line tool (wbadmin) is available for Microsoft Windows 7 Backup.

The Windows 7 Backup Check only supports those backups initiated using the GUI and will fail where the Command Line tool (wbadmin) was used.

For backups from the Command Line tool (wbadmin), please use the Microsoft Windows Backup Check.

Since the Backup Checks poll the device for the backup results, the results in N-sight RMM are those reported by the Backup software being monitored. If the reported result is Completed with Errors, Completed with Warnings, or a similar response, we recommend you investigate the device the problem and ensure the Backup software can backup the expected data sets.