Summary tab

The Summary tab in the South-pane shows overview information for the selected device or network in the North-pane.

Device Information
Device name

The Dashboard name for the device. The Summary tab reflects the Dashboard name for servers which can be entered when manually installing an Agent or post-installation from the Edit Server dialog. As such the device name on the Dashboard may differ from the device's hostname for servers.

The Asset Tracking section reflects the hostname regardless of the device's Dashboard name.

Operating System The device's Operating System including Service Pack (where available)

Notification Message

Displays information when an action is required to either complete the installation of a feature or facilitate a feature's smooth running. For example where a reboot is required.

Hardware Details

Summary hardware details including processor, BIOS, memory, Serial Number and hard disk.

Software Details

Install Date, Windows Serial Number, Windows Product Key and Microsoft Office Product Key (if available)


The Agent interrogates the Windows registry to retrieve the Microsoft Office Product Key and supports the following versions of Office: 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

If Microsoft Office was pre-installed on a computer it may not be possible to retrieve the Product Key as the required key may not exist in the registry. Due to the method used by Microsoft to record the Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key, only the last 5 characters are displayed in the Summary tab.


As the Windows Product Key and Office License Key are potentially sensitive information we have included the option to restrict their display with the Product Keys permission.


This setting is managed in Settings > Users> Roles and Permissions and enable or disable Product Keys as necessary for the user type.

Agent Key permissions do not include access to the Summary tab Product Keys. To view this information in the Summary tab you must log into the Dashboard as a user with the Product Keys permissions enabled.

IP Addresses

IP Address from which last upload was sent

Please note that this will more than likely be the IP Address of the proxy server or perimeter gateway / router and will only be available if the device has uploaded data after Dashboard v5.15.1 was released.

Device LAN IP Address

This IP address is only available if the device has uploaded data after Dashboard v5.40 was released.


Agent Information
Version The currently installed version of the Agent
Agent Supported Features Lists all features available for the installed Agent along with their status and any associated error messages. For example Active or Not Installed.
Check Status

Indicates the total number of Checks configured and their current status.

For example:

24x7 Passing

18 Checks Passing

DSC Failing

1 of 10 Checks Failing