Run Managed Patch task on demand

After you initially add a Run Managed Patch task, you can manually run it on demand on selected devices.

Mac Agent version 2.3.0 and later is required to Run Managed Patch task on demand.

The following behavior occurs, when you manually run a task on demand for a Mac device:

  • Task runs in near real-time
  • Task results upload and display in the South-pane within a few minutes of the task completing
  • Tasks are queued on devices that are offline when the Run Task command is issued. When a device comes back online and reports to the All Devices view, the Run Task action is initiated.
  • Pending Tasks are stored up to 31 days and then removed if not applied

To manually Run Managed Patch task on demand:

  1. On the All Devices view North-pane, select one or more devices where you want to add the task (use Shift and left-click to choose a range of devices or Control and left-click for specific machines)
  2. Right-click one of the selected devices and select TaskRun

    A list of enabled tasks displays.

    The option to Run a task on a device is only available if at least one task is added, and currently enabled, for the device.

  3. Select Run Managed Task or expand it to select the task you want to run

  4. Click Next
  5. Confirm the devices where you want to apply the task and select RunTask
  6. A dialog box confirms the task will be run.

    You can also run a task on demand by selecting a device in the North-pane and then using the Tasks tab in the South-pane.