Patch Management for Windows Overview Report

The Patch Management for Windows Overview Report provides name and installation/discovery details of all of the patches currently discovered across the selected Client(s) servers and workstations that have Patch Management for Windows enabled; with this Report available as HTML, CSV, CSV- Offline Mode or XML. The information in the Report may be grouped by Device, Patch or Status with the ability to only return data for specific Patch Statuses.

To view the Patch Management for Windows Overview Report:

  1. Go to Reports > Patch Management Reports > Overview Report
  2. Use the filters to choose the target selection:
  3. Filter Description


    All Clients or choose a specific Client


    Output format for the Report: HTML, CSV, CSV - Offline Mode or XML

    Group by Device

    For each device lists the discovered patches ordered by Patch Status

    Group by Patch

    For each Patch lists the devices the patch is installed on ordered by Patch Status

    Group by Status

    For each Patch Status lists the devices that have patches in this state

    Patch Status

    Filter the results based on specific Patch Status criteria:


    A patch is available for the device and awaiting approval for installation


    Patch was approved and is awaiting manual or scheduled installation


    Patch is currently being installed


    Patch was successfully installed. The Date Installed is populated where the patch was deployed via Patch Management


    Installation of the patch was not completed successfully. On a small number of occasions a reboot may be required to complete this installation.


    A patch is available for the device, but was marked as Ignored, not listed as missing in future vulnerability checks on this server or workstation.

    Reboot Required

    A patch was installed but requires a reboot to complete the installation process

  4. Click Generate to view the report

CSV Report Export Options

The CSV Report saves all the filtered information (including any hidden columns) as a CSV file. As this may contain a large amount of information, there are two export options:


The download runs in real-time.

Depending on the Report size it may take several minutes to complete and you will have to wait until the Report has downloaded before you can continue using the Dashboard.

CSV - Offline Mode

The Report is generated in the background and an email is sent to your username (email address) with a download link once it is ready

Depending on the Report size it may take several minutes to complete and you can continue work on the Dashboard whilst the Report is created

Once the CSV Report is generated, a download link is available for the next 24 hours when revisiting the CSV - Offline Mode dialog

Report Layout

Regardless of the selected grouping, the Report provides identifiable information on the Device and the patch status (Missing, Installed etc.) containing the name of every patch that was Discovered / Install Date.

Patch Management for Windows deployed patches contain the installation date and where a patch was installed independently of Patch Management for Windows Already installed is returned.

The HTML version of the Report includes the option to click the patch link pm_vendor (where available) and visit the vendor's site for information on the patch.

Please note that we are not responsible for the content of external sites.

Group by device