NetPath Requirements

Dashboard User Permissions

Log into the Dashboard as a user with NetPath Roles and Permissions enabled.

NetPath does not support Dashboard Client Groups. Accessing the NetPath section displays the paths for all Clients, regardless of the Client Groups assigned to the user.

CPU cores

  • 2 CPU cores for 20 paths
  • +1 CPU core per 10 additional paths

Hard drive space

  • 1 GB


  • 2 GB


  • Windows Agent
  • .NET 4.5 (automatically deployed by the NetPath Agent if this version is not installed)
Port / Type Protocol Source Destination Description
Type: 11 (ICMP Time Exceeded) ICMP Networking devices along your path NetPath probe Used by the NetPath probe to discover network paths.

Must be allowed inbound to the device running the NetPath agent.
Port: User Configured TCP NetPath Agent Path Destination Used by the NetPath probe to discover the service status over the entered path port.
Port: 43 TCP Main polling engine BGP data providers Used by NetPath to query IP ownership and other information about the discovered IP addresses.

Must be allowed outbound from the device running the NetPath agent.